Compressor station

It is a station set up along the gas pipeline for pressurizing the pipeline gas with the compressor.

Underground gas storage

It is a kind of geologic structure that stores the natural gas by using certain underground confined space, which could be a salt cavern type, depleted oil and gas reservoir type, or aquifer type storage.

Gas distributing station

It is a station set up along the gas pipeline for distributing gas to users, which generally has the functions of separation, pressure regulation, metering, pigging, etc.

Gas gate station

It is a gas distribution station at the terminal point of a long-distance pipeline as well as the receiving terminal of a city, which has the functions of purification, pressure regulating and storage. 

Compressed Natural Gas (GNG)

It refers to the gaseous natural gas that is compressed with the pressure of 10MPa - 25MPa, which is formed after the natural gas is pressurized and stored in a container in a gaseous state.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

It refers to the natural gas product that is liquefied after being compressed and cooled to its condensation point (-161.5℃). Generally, LNG is stored in low temperature storage tanks at -161.5℃ and about 0.1MPa. With methane as the main component, LNG is universally recognized as the cleanest form of fossil fuel energy. It is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-corrosive, its volume is 1/600 of the quantity of gaseous natural gas, and its weight is only about 45% of water of the same volume. 

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

A CNG vehicle is a kind of vehicle that uses the compressed natural gas for fuel. Existing gasoline vehicles can be modified into a CNG vehicle byreplacing the original oil supply system witha set of special compressed natural gas device. The conversion of fuel can be realized by simply turning a switch. A CNG vehicle can travel about 200km with a fully filled gas tank. This is very suitable for bus and taxies with round trips that are not more than 200km.

Fuel filling station

It is an oil storage facility, where automobiles are fueled with gasoline, diesel and other vehicle fuels.

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