POLY-GCL now has 192 employees, including 159 Chinese employees and 33 non-Chinese ones, 33% of them have master or above of The company’s professional expertise includes geological exploration, oil and gas development, drilling,pipeline, LNG, terminal and other related fields.


Most of our employees come from CNPC,Sinopec,CNOOC,Sinochem,BP,Petronas,Shell, SLB, ConocoPhillips and other large oil enterprises. They have rich overseasworking experience in oil and gas industry in countries like Sudan, Niger, Tchad,Algeria, Iraq, Iran and Kazakhstan.


“Training and learning for everyone” remains the central part in the company’s management. With the support of GCL University, echelon training of talents is conducted. Through partnership, external training institutes also provide oil and gas knowledge training and mental health training to our staff. The company implements a strict training system for overseas staff, who are required to pass multiple training course tests of foreign languages, public security, religion and culture,etc.


POLY-GCL attaches utmost importance to protecting life, health and safety of our staff. Apart from basic healthcare services, we also provide employees with healthexamination, medical insurance for serious illnesses, employer liability insurance,overseas travel insurance and other guarantee schemes. To cultivate a culture of loyalty, the company holds monthly birthday parties for employees, organizes regular sports activities, such as badminton and hiking.

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