Job description:

1. Assist with management,distribution,and procurement plan;

2. Assist with the price and formation of contracts and negotiation;

3. Assist to realize optimum costs, quality and cost performance;

4. Assist to regularly formulate procurement analysis reports;

5. Accomplish other work assigned by department leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Over 3 years of procurement experience in petroleum or associated industries;

2. Give priority to employees with over 1 year of overseas working experience and familiar with Africa;

3. Fluent Chinese and English expression ability, and can use English as working language;

4. Skilled in Microsoft Office and relevant professional software;

5. Bachelor degree or above, commerce or management-related majors

Budget Analysis Senior Manager

Job description:

1. Formulate and adjust budgets in time according to work plans and budget management provisions;

2. Raise reasonable modification suggestions to relevant department managers;

3. Provide reasonable financial plans and decision suggestions to the management level in regard to different operation schemes;

4. Analyze the budget performance,raise management opinions and budget adjustment scheme;

5. Submit to the upper management layer for approval according to internal control procedures;

6. Monitor the budget performance within the budget period;

7. Analyze the difference within the budget period and adjustment;

8. Estimate the fund requirement under different implementation plans;

9. Prepare the annual plan, and adjust the budget as required according to the changing factors;

10. Be in charge of regular analysis of financial indexes, such as sales income, profit and inventory, or analyze the special items as required by the management layer;

11. Manage the capital expenditure budget according to the condition constraints and discounted cash flow model;

12. Formulate budget statements for relevant departments and provide proper template;

13. Aggregate the budget estimation of each department and check whether it meets the provisions of the procedure and system and whether it conforms with company target. 

Job requirements:

1. Education background: Bachelor's through full-time national unified entrance exams

2. Language requirement: English + Mandarin

3. Major requirement: not limited

4. Age requirement: 30-45

5, working experience: over 5 years

Senior Project Manager

Job description:

1. independently negotiate with domestic institutions such as the Pipeline Bureau, China Merchants Group and ENN Energy Holdings Limited concerning the shares of the downstream project companies;

2. independently negotiate with internal and external lawyers concerning corporate reorganization;

3. Negotiate with domestic investors of projects;

4. other matters concerning financing or structure reorganization of project companies. 

Job requirements:

1. Give priority to employees with working experience related to oil and gas;

2. Give priority to employees with experience in domestic investment banks;

3. Employees experienced in negotiation with state-owned enterprises are favored.

Business Plan Senior Manager

Job description:

1. be in charge of aggregating the project investment plans, formulating project budget and coordinating for investor approval

2. Collect performance plan of the construction side and analyze the quarter & yearly performance of the financial costs reports;

3. Organize meetings and report to leaders of the performance of investment projects, in order to receive the next investment direction and meet the job requirement of strategic target of the company.

Job requirements:

1. Education background above Bachelor’s degree, fluent in English;

2. Over 8 years of working experience in petroleum industry and 5 years of overseas working experience;

3. Experience in oil and gas project management and project operation;

4. Skilled in project management software such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Office;

5. Adapted to long-term overseas work.





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