2015-09-07 Signed contract with Challenger Geoinstruments Ltd for 400 square kilometres HIGHLAND 3D SEISMIC DATA ACQUISITION SERVICES.
2015-03-28 the entry road to Calub Camp, POLY-GCL Road is opened to traffic.
2015-03-18 POLY-GCL signed Provision of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning for Calub Camp Modification Service with CCECC.
2015-03-16 the Provision of Purchasing Ten (10) Agricultural Greenhouses with Drip Irrigation Systems in Ogaden Area is signed with Urumqi Beixin Tianrun International Trade Co., LTD.
2015-03-13 ESIA reports for 2D seismic operation in block #Calub&Hilala, 11&15 and 12&16 is submitted to Ethiopian Ministry of Mines.
2015-03-04 POLY-GCL signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Company.
2015-02-27 POLY-GCL signed “Provision of Highland 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Services in Ethiopia”with Xi’an Senshe Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
2015-02-26 POLY-GCL signed “Provision of Integrated Field Development Program Design of Calub, Hilala and Shilabo Gas Field in Ethiopia” withBeijing Huayou Youxin Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.
2015-02-17 POLY-GCL signed MOU with Huarong International Trust Ltd.
2015-02-07 Ethiopian government and Djiboutian government signed Framework Agreement on Cross-border Pipelines.
2015-02-06 POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited held the Y2014 annual work meeting.
2015-02-06 The responsibility statement is signed by upper management of the company.
2015-01-23 The 2D seismic acquisition opened bid in Xuzhou.
2015-01-13 President Su Jianghua met the president of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome, Chief of Staff of Ethiopia Samora Muhammad Yunis, Ethiopian Prime Minister’s advisor Arkebe Equbay, Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Xie Xiaoyan to discuss POLY-GCL petroleum project.
2015-01-13 A meeting was held between POLY-GCL and Ethiopian Ministry of Mines, and both sides came to an agreement on the next-step development plan for the petroleum project.
2015-01-13 “Y2015 Work Plan and Budget” is submitted to Ethiopian Ministry of Mines.
2015-01-13 “Integrated G&G Study on POLY-GCL Blocks In Ogaden Basin” is submitted to Ethiopian Ministry of Mines.
2015-01-13 “The report of Reserve and Prospective Resources Evaluation” is submitted to Ethiopian Ministry of Mines.
2015-01-11 Mr.Su Jianghua led a delegation to visit Djibouti, and met with Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh, Chinese ambassador to Djibouti Mr.Fu Huaqiang, Chinese commercial counselor Mr.Ge Hua, minister of Djibouti Ministry of Energy Ali Yacoub Mahamoud.
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