Chinese enterprises like POLY-GCL strive to realize a mutually beneficial relationship with African countries. Apart from pursuing their own economic interests, we are also concerned with African development, with the expectation to help these countries obtain practical benefits from cooperation with China. China has become the preferred partner for African countries with the advantages of low quotations, high efficiency and good faith.


In regards to technological transfers, environmental protection and repaying the local society, POLY-GCL has constructed a large number of engineering facilities in Ethiopia and Djibouti. These projects provide greater employment opportunities to local people and help to improve local social and economic conditions. We impart technology in Ethiopia and cultivate local employees in both knowledge and work methods. We abide by local laws, protect the environment, keep close communication with local communities, and perform good deeds, in order to return more to local society. In 2014, POLY-GCL donated USD 250,000 to Ethiopia for community development. 


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