[China Environmental News] Jiangsu Environment Energy Exchange Launched

The Jiangsu Environment Energy Exchangewasformally launched. According to Qin Yadong (Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Department of the Jiangsu Province), the Exchange mainly includes four sectors: emission permit trading, carbon-neutral trading, green finance and on-line training. The Exchange is to build an environmental protection service platform for enterprises and to bring substantial assistance to the majority of enterprises.


The emissions trading sector focuses on the online emissions trading market of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in Jiangsu Province.It will provide public emissions trading platform, effectively control emission of main pollutants, and promote environmental quality improvement.


The carbon-neutral trading sector is mainly to calculate for enterprises, organizations or individuals the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced directly or indirectly within a certain time, and fund the energy conservation and emission reduction projects by purchasing carbon emission reduction indicators.


The green finance project provides the energy conservation and environment protection companies, energy consumption enterprises, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturers and financial institutions with diversified flexible financial services, such as emissions trading mortgages. It is aimed to use the power of capital to promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry development, as well as to provide convenient and efficient financing channels for enterprises through market segmentation and positioning.


Feng Renxin, Director of Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau said that, the launching of the Jiangsu Environment Energy Exchange marked Jiangsu’s environmental and energy trading innovation in the field of e-commerce, providing the possibility of trans-regional and real-time online trading of Jiangsu’s environment and energy.It also provides a powerful information network platform to achieve the technical exchange of energy conservation and emissions reductions, Furthermore, it promotes energy conservation, emission reduction policies,promote low-carbon economic development.

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