Ethiopian Petroleum Project Holds First POLY-GCL Petroleum Training

2015 May 20-23. POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings held their first petroleum training with the China Petroleum Huabei Technician Institute. 15 staff members from both technical and operations departments participated. The training lasted a total of 4 days and was split into three main groups: theory & lectures; physical training & exercises; and site tours. Through theory and lectures, the staff deepened their knowledge of exploration methods, well logging and testing, and the process of petroleum development. Through physical training & exercises, employees strengthened their teamwork and developed new ways of thinking. Finally through site tours of the institute, employees were able to see a real oil well, a science museum, a cloud computing center, and a LNG processing plant- giving employees a real hands-on experience of petroleum production.

Employees not only gained deeper understandings and insights into the technical side of petroleum production, but also began to understand Huabei Oilfield Services spirit of “Work Hard and Perseveringly”. Through this training, employees also gained more knowledge that can be applied to the Ethiopian petroleum project!

Staff receiving physical training

Receiving practical training by taking a tour of the facilities

Visiting the science museum of Huabei Oilfield

Visiting 4 wells

Visiting the LNG plant


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