POLY-GCL Strengthens Cooperation with Pakistani Oil Companies

2015 April 26-29. POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Vice-President, Li Wei, and a 6 person delegation traveled to Pakistan to meet with Pakistani energy consultant, Mr. Zahid Muzaffar, as well as Pakistani national petroleum development company OGDCL and OPL (Ocean Pakistan Limited) of the Hashoo Group. They met to discuss cooperation in the field of petroleum exploration and development.
Mr. Li Wei began the meeting by introducing GCL group and their 25 years of dedication to clean energy and its development, as well as POLY-GCL’s petroleum project in the Ogaden Basin of Ethiopia. He hoped through discussion and cooperation that POLY-GCL could enter Pakistan’s petroleum development territories. OGDCL and OPL highly praised GCL’s development philosophy and expressed great interest in POLY-GCL’s petroleum project in Ethiopia. Both petroleum companies hoped to cooperate with downstream development and to promote the development and use of Pakistani Petroleum.
This meeting strengthened the trust and understanding between POLY-GCL and Pakistan.

Delegation in discussion with OPL

Delegation in discussion with OGDCL

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