Ethiopian Petroleum Division Held Meeting to Convey and Implement the Spirit of the “Two Sessions”

2015 April 10, 14:00. POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Ltd. held a meeting at the Beijing branch, to convey and implement the spirit and lessons from the “Two Sessions” (National People’s Congress & Chinese Political Consultative Conference). Executive Vice-President Liu Cheng hosted the meeting and representatives and leadership of all departments were in attendance.

       Mr. Liu asked all in attendance to seriously study and understand the spirit of “Two Meetings” and proposed that, “To be a GCL Person, everyone must seriously analyze, study, and implement the spirit of the ‘Two Sessions’ so that the company can create more value and have better development.” In the process of understanding these “Two Sessions”, one should also stress the following ideals in relation to the company:

  1. Proceed with confidence, seize the opportunities.
  2. Study your strategy, advance faster.
  3. Deepen the reform, bravely innovate.

As an industry leader, GCL has an advantage of scale, technological advantage, and cultural advantage against its competitors. However, that does not mean GCL can rest on their laurels. Instead each employee must proceed with resolute internal courage and GCL must reform along with environmental reforms, to ensure continued GCL innovation and a smooth transition that will satisfy the needs of the changing times.

The meeting urged for all departments to implement all facets of this spirit within the company to all levels of staff. The meeting also urged to implement this spirit and ideals into work practices as well as incorporate them as part of the company’s business strategy. Later, the discrepancies between the country’s strategies and GCL’s strategies, guidelines and policies were addressed and amended. By grasping a hold of team building fundamentals, having detailed measures, implementing responsibilities and strengthening supervision will ensure all sorts of work will reach a higher state of development in 2015.

Executive Vice-President, Liu Cheng conveying the learnings and spirit of the “Two Sessions” 

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