Ethiopian Petroleum Project Holds a “Petroleum Exploration Methods and Principles” Training Seminar

2015 April 9th 14:00. In order raise professional literacy and industry knowledge of employees from all departments, the Beijing branch of POLY-GCL Petroleum Holdings Ltd. held a training seminar on “Petroleum Exploration Methods and Principles”. The seminar was hosted by the Exploration & Development Deputy General Manager, Dr. Lee Junsheng. The entire staff was present.           

Dr. Lee began by explaining the history and development of petroleum exploration, he then proceeded to discuss many of the common methods and their associated technologies that are employed in petroleum exploration. The main exploration methods Dr. Lee explained were: geological, geophysical, geochemical, and drilling methods. While explaining seismic exploration technologies, Dr. Lee also incorporated how POLY-GCL currently is utilizing this type of technology as well as the pros and cons of the different types of seismic analyses (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D). Ultimately this provided many of the staff a much better understanding of the company’s actual progress onsite. Dr. Lee concluded the training seminar with a humorous, concise and accurate set of encouraging words, “The place you find petroleum is in our minds. All it takes is someone searching for oil to keep their imagination open to discovery, have the freedom of exploration, feel encouragement for exploration, then we will continue to find new oilfields!” The entire staff voiced their appreciation for the informative and encouraging training seminar.

Petroleum exploration is the first critical step and lays the foundation for all future petroleum engineering, thus, understanding exploration methods and principles is invaluable to all those involved. The contents of the meeting not only was detailed an accurate, but it also provided all departments with a deeper understanding of a very important department to the company.


Dr.Lee hosting the training seminar

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