POLY-GCL Djibouti Branch Coordinated with Chinese Embassy in Djibouti to Evacuate Chinese Nationals from Yemen

Due to the worsening of the security situation in Yemen, President Xi and the Central Military Commission ordered Chinese naval vessels to evacuate Chinese nationals from Yemen. As of midnight March 31st, the 19th Escort Task of the Chinese Navy began evacuating 571 nationals from the Chinese embassy in Yemen via the Port of Aden. After an 8 hour high speed voyage, they all safely arrived in the Port of Djibouti in eastern Africa and received a warm welcome from the Chinese embassy in Djibouti.

Through arrangements made by the Chinese embassy in Djibouti, those Chinese nationals were temporarily sheltered at a sports stadium to await transport back to China. While waiting everyone was provided with necessities such as medical care, food & drink, as well as round the clock care and services.

As a member of the Djibouti-China Chamber of Commerce, POLY-GCL Djibouti Branch coordinated with the Chinese Embassy and economic and commercial councilor’s office to manage all the logistics and transport of those evacuated from Yemen. They also provided breakfast, fruits, and vehicles.  

Temporary Shelter at the Sports Stadium

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