POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited 2014 End of Year Meeting

2015, February 06. POLY-GCL held their 2014 end of year meeting at the Langfang Hotel. The grand gathering was hosted by Vice President Li Wei and was attended by the entire Beijing branch staff as well as other members from the Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Hong Kong offices. 

The meeting was split into three parts: the President’s address and work report, awards for individuals and teams, and the group discussion.



POLY-GCL 2014 end of year grand gathering

POLY-GCL President Yu Baodong began the meeting with a passionate address. He presented the 2014 business report of the Ethiopian Petroleum project and discussed the progress made in the past year. Mr. Yu then clearly analyzed the direction of the projects development in 2015 and addressed the primary goals of the upcoming year. Afterwards, Mr. Yu separately signed “2015 Letters of Responsibility” with Executive Vice President, Liu Cheng; Vice President, Li Wei; Vice President, Peter Fu; LNG Chief Engineer, Hu Yigang; and LNG Chief Engineer Xi Yangfa.


POLY-GCL President Yu Baodong presenting the 2014 Annual Business Report


Mr. Yu signing the Letter of Responsibility with Mr. Liu Cheng

Later on, Vice President Yan Dong and Onsite Oilfield Department Deputy General Manager Li Dezhireceived awards for 10 years of service with GCL. Other Awards included team excellence awards and employee excellence awards. Team excellence awards were given to the Ethiopia team, Exploration and Development Department, and the Finance Management Department. Employee excellence awards were given to: Vice President, Peter Fu; Zhou Wei from the Onsite Oilfield Dept.; Shi Jian from the Finance Management Dept.; Chen Rui and Wang Haizhen from the E&D Dept.; Ren Ming from the Drilling Operations Dept.; Han Wei from the Finance Dept.; XuYingqi from the Business Planning Dept.; ZhengSisi from the HR Dept.; Ren Sheng Lan from the Contract & Procurement Dept.; and Fu Pei Di from the Culture Enterprise Development Dept. 


President Yu Baodong with the representative recipients of the Team Excellence Award


Executive Vice President Liu Cheng and Vice President Li Wei with the recipients of the Employee Excellence Awards



       Later, the entire staff split into five groups to discuss two overarching conceptual prompts:“The current state of the company and management, areas of improvement, and suggestions”; and “ways to strengthen team cohesiveness”. Afterwards, representatives of each small group enthusiastically presented the main things discussed and many valuable suggestions. President Yu concluded the meeting by expressing the view that “the divisions between technical staff and management are not that large, the company deeply values technical staff as much as management. I hope all GCL staff can work together and strive for success in 2015!”


Small Group Discussions


The first annual meeting of the Ethiopian Petroleum Project had come to an end. Through many meetings and discussions, all departments gained a clear direction of what is to come in 2015. It was very insightful and meaningful for all.

That evening, a grand dinner banquet was held for all members of the Ethiopian Petroleum Project. Each department came prepared with exciting performances and the atmosphere was joyous and filled with laughter. The night came to an end with a group signing of the company song “I Tribute Oil to the Motherland”. 

Singing “I Tribute Oil to the Motherland” to wrap up the banquet

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