Seminar on Geopolitics, the Need for Chinese-Ethiopian Cooperation and the Safety Situation Overseas

       2015, February 04, 10:30am. The Beijing office of the POLY-GCL Ethiopian Petroleum Project held a seminar on Ethiopian Geopolitics, the importance and need for Chinese-Ethiopian cooperation, and the safety situation overseas. The seminar was hosted by POLY-GCL Vice President Li Wei and Councilor Zhao, the military attaché to the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia was the main speaker. 

       Councilor Zhao described topics such as local Ethiopian customs and traditions, geography and climate, and religion. He also offered his insights and analysis of POLY-GCL’s Ethiopian Petroleum Project as well as addressing potential difficulties ahead and the most suitable strategy as the project progresses. Councilor Zhao’s language was inspiring and his presentation exciting, he gave praise of POLY-GCL’s project and emphasized its political importance. He described Ethiopia ashaving “three main tribes, two main religions, one political party” and the project as “Ethiopia’s Daqing”. Councilor Zhao concluded by urging all staff to consider societal, human, and climatic factors when making plans and decisions. Mr. Li Wei expressed his gratitude to Councilor Zhao on behalf of the Ethiopian Petroleum Project for the insightful seminar as well as the Chinese Embassy’s continued support with the project.

      Councilor Zhao’s seminar was met with enthusiasm and applause. It gave employees a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.




Councilor Zhao speaking to POLY-GCL staff

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