Overseas Petroleum Educational Workshop on GCL Chairman Zhu’s Report

Beijing time 2015 January 16 A.M.As arranged by the Chairman and President of the Overseas Oil and Gas Division, the Beijing branch held an educational workshop on GCL Chairman Zhu’s January 8th report. The Hong Kong branch also were present via video conference and Executive Vice President of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Company, Liu Cheng hosted the meeting in Beijing while the entire staff from the Hong Kong and Beijing offices was in attendance.

Meeting topics covered: viewing GCL Group’s 2014 recap video; conveying the spirit of Chairman Zhu’s report; three part training for new employees titled “insist on being driven by ideals, strategy, and innovation to welcome a new normal and a new GCL”; a detailed explanation of the annual work report; a look back on awards received by GCL Group in 2014; analysis of the overall market environment; and deploying the future strategic targets. Chairman Zhu proposed the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” which coincided with the Group’s “Third Strategic Transformation”- which involved the strategy of “1 core, 4 main industries, and 6 major collaborations”- in order for the Group to realize 7 public companies by 2020 with a total market capitalization over 300 billion Yuan, net income of 25-30 billion Yuan, and to guarantee the strategic goal of one or two of GCL’s companies from each industry becoming a Fortune Global 500 company. Furthermore Liu Cheng set forthan overseas petroleum strategy for employees to get an understanding of the outlook on natural gas development as well as the company’s development. 


The workshop helped solidify the faith in the large potential for development in overseas oil & gas development and provided the staff with a strong sense of direction for the company in 2015-2020, as well as a strong base to enter the upcoming years from.  

Viewing the Group’s 2014 Recap Video


 Workshop on Chairman Zhu’s report on overseas oil & gas 

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